Academic Partnerships – Exploring a New Approach to Preclinical Evaluation

The term “partnership” is thrown around loosely in the life sciences community, but true partnerships are rare indeed. Presage has a number of active collaborations with academic institutions, from technology-centric platform development work to our clinical trial with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and drug discovery programs.

Having spun out of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 2008, the Presage team is experienced with industry-academic collaborations and knows what it takes to achieve success through these collaborations.  

Presage is actively looking for three kinds of academic collaborations:

  1. Technologies that could further advance our ability to microinject smaller and more precise quantities of agents into a patient’s tumor
  2. Clinical protocols where the addition of our capability to directly observe drug response in a patient’s tumor could improve the overall study design
  3. Solid tumor drug discovery/development programs, where the addition of our abilities to generate early in vivo efficacy data and to identify effective drug combination strategies would more rapidly advance the programs in our growing drug portfolio