Biopharmaceutical Partnerships – 

Delivering Decision-Making Data

Presage partners with oncology drug development companies to provide previously inaccessible knowledge about interactions between drugs and living tumors.

Never before have companies been able to assess the effects of a drug in an authentic tumor so early in the product development cycle. Having in vivo efficacy signals at the very earliest stages of drug discovery provides major value in identifying promising drugs, drug combinations and target patient populations.

We provide our partners with the data needed to drive the decision-making process. Our technology platform has broad applications from target identification and validation to identification of synergistic drug combinations.

Specific benefits for companies developing drugs include:

  • Prioritizing drug combinations in patients in clinical trials
  • Generation of in vivo drug response on drug candidates that have not yet been optimized for pharmacokinetic properties
  • Rapid assessment of hundreds of drug combinations in vivo

Presage collaborates with top-tier pharmaceutical partners and is seeking additional strategic alliances with oncology-focused companies to apply its platform to advance our partners’ cancer drug portfolios.