Canine Feasibility Study

CIVO™ in Canine Patients

logo_woof_for_the_cureCIVO™ is being evaluated in canine pets with cancer through Woof for the Cure, a collaboration between Presage cancer research scientists, veterinary oncologists, and the families of the dogs.

Dogs with tumors accessible near the skin are microinjected with doses of multiple test compounds. After 24 to 96 hours, the tumors are removed surgically and evaluated using Presage’s proprietary analysis. In the same way that we intend to evaluate investigational agents and drug combinations in human patients, we are able to employ the CIVO™ technology to gain early evidence of the efficacy of investigational agents in dog patients with lymphoma and sarcoma. Ultimately, we believe this will accelerate drug development for patients with cancer, both canine and human.

Presage presented results from one of its canine studies at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2014 Annual Meeting showing that CIVO™ detects mechanism-specific responses in canine sarcoma. A sarcoma mass in a companion dog was microinjected with cisplatin, doxorubicin or paclitaxel, and negative control vehicle alone. The resulting tumor responses were visualized by staining tissue sections with antibodies recognizing mitotic arrest or DNA damage, both mechanism-related markers of the cytotoxic drugs studied. This analysis demonstrated individual, mechanism-specific tumor responses.

AACR Poster

AACR Poster