Preclinical Human Xenograft

CIVO™ in Human Xenograft Tumors

CIVO™ is being used to make drug development decisions in preclinical in vivo models, both with its partners and in advancing its proprietary pipeline.

Presage works with its biopharma partners to design candidate evaluation projects at all stages of preclinical drug development. The company can employ its CIVO™ platform to assess the potential of drug combinations, to help guide selection of development candidates and to guide translational programs. Presage also is able to evaluate very early tool compounds that have limited pharmacokinetic properties, enabling testing of biological hypotheses with in vivo models at the earliest stages of drug development. Much of the company's work focuses on using CIVO™ with in vivo models to identify novel drug combinations that we believe are far more robust than those identified by in vitro screening.


AACR poster

Presage presented proof-of-concept data at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2014 Annual Meeting showing that microinjection of several standard-of-care cancer drugs using its CIVO™ correlated with drug effects on tumor growth mediated by conventional systemic dosing of the drugs.