Presage Biosciences is an oncology company that is pioneering an entirely novel approach to evaluating patient response to drugs in clinical trials.  

Using our patented CIVO™ technology, we deliver pharmacologically appropriate concentrations of multiple drugs to different regions of a tumor – while the tumor is still in the patient.  Observing molecular and cellular responses to drugs and combinations in an authentic human tumor gives us a far greater understanding of tumor biology, directly embodying a patient’s own immune system, tumor microenvironment, heterogeneity and genetic background.  It is Presage’s mission to use this understanding to revolutionize the way drugs are selected, tested and targeted, with the goal of providing more effective treatments to patients with cancer. 

Through research alliances, Presage collaborates with biopharmaceutical companies to discover new, effective drug combinations and to identify drug sensitivity and resistance in target patient populations. Presage also is actively developing in-licensed drug candidates and plans to employ CIVO™ to advance a portfolio of promising oncology therapies to the clinic.

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Recent News:

Presage Biosciences Receives Strategic Investment 
from Takeda

August 20, 2015  | Seattle, Wash. Presage Biosciences, an oncology company pioneering a radical new drug development approach that incorporates human efficacy data much earlier in development and clinical trials, today announced that it has secured a strategic investment from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, through its venture capital arm, Takeda Ventures, Inc. Terms are not disclosed.

Study finds that microinjection platform enables assessment of multiple cancer drugs directly in tumors, predicts systemic response

April 22, 2015  | Seattle, Wash. A newly developed technology for simultaneously comparing response to multiple cancer drugs or combinations while a tumor is still in a patient’s body has been shown to accurately predict systemic response to the drugs, according to researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Presage Biosciences. The patented technology, called CIVO™, consists of an arrayed microinjection drug delivery device and quantitative analysis methodology.