Presage believes the most important model for understanding cancer drug response is the human body.

Our Purpose
Our Focus
Our Technology

Presage uses CIVOTM in research alliances with biopharmaceutical companies to advance novel therapies and drug combinations in clinical trials. With CIVO, drug developers can understand biological response to intratumorally microdosed agents – data that may be invaluable in clinical development. Presage also employs CIVO internally to develop promising oncology therapies.


Targeted Resistance


Presage is targeting common mechanisms of cancer drug resistance. The company’s unique capability to explore drug combinations is key to identifying drugs that when paired together have the potential to counter the redundant survival mechanisms that cancer cells often exhibit.


CIVO Platform

The patented CIVO platform is a device that comprises a microinjector and drug loading device, coupled with fluorescent tracking microspheres. This device is intended to enable intratumoral microdosing of cancer agents.

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