Presage Biosciences is an oncology company that is pioneering an entirely novel approach to evaluating drug responses in clinical trials.

About Presage

Presage's patented CIVO® (Comparative In Vivo Oncology) technology delivers microdoses of multiple drugs to different regions of a tumor, while the tumor is still in the patient. Observing molecular and cellular responses to drugs and combinations in a naturally occurring tumor has the potential to provide a more detailed understanding of tumor biology, directly encompassing a patient's own immune system, tumor microenvironment, and genetic background. It is Presage‚Äôs mission to improve the way that new drugs are developed and targeted, with the goal of ultimately providing more effective treatments to patients with cancer.

Presage collaborates with biopharmaceutical companies to discover new drug combinations and assess novel agents in the most important model of cancer—the human patient.

Presage partners with biopharma companies that recognize the need to adopt truly cutting-edge approaches in clinical development.

Presage's Partners

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