CIVO® evaluates clinical response where it matters most—the patient's tumor

The CIVO (Comparative In Vivo Oncology) platform delivers multiplexed intratumoral microdosing, allowing clinical investigators to evaluate the localized tumor response to drug candidates in the tumor microenvironment while capturing tumor heterogeneity and patient diversity.

A safe, validated research protocol

CIVO offers a microscopic view of the direct interactions between the investigational assets and the tumor in situ. Not only are the drug sites simple to identify, but responses are easy to observe, interpret, and are consistent with expected clinical responses.

CIVO highlights:

  • Immune profiles
  • PD biomarkers
  • Microenvironment impact
  • Drug combination potential
  • Responder hypotheses
See the science behind CIVO
CIVO microinjections

CIVO microinjections induce anti-tumor immune response

Fundamentally changing cancer drug development

In a few simple steps, this patented process can simultaneously evaluate multiple drugs or drug combinations using 100+ assays for tumor and microenvironment responses.

CIVO: Designed to solve a long-standing challenge

The importance of designing specialized devices to deliver microdoses to solid tumors in situ has been recognized by lawmakers and researchers alike.

Microdosing devices, like CIVO, were recognized by the Moonshot Initiative: "if widely implemented, [it] could revolutionize the way in which drug combinations are tested…"1 and help accelerate early-stage drug development.

“…delivery of cancer drugs directly into tumors in vivo can indicate cancer sensitivity; if implemented in clinical practice, these devices have the potential to reduce indiscriminate drug use, to improve survival, and to reduce unnecessary adverse effects.2
~R. Charles Coombes
Integrating CIVO into your oncology development strategy is simple. Ready to get started?
References: 1. Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel Report 2016. Accessed January 29, 2020. 2. Coombes, RC. Sci Transl Med. 2015;7(284):282ps10.